Prices clinic 3DK


We are a non-state health institution which does not have any agreements with health insurance companies. Therefore we are not limited by anyone in what we are offering to our patients. It is just out conscience, skills and your wishes. Our aim is not gathering of procedures and reporting them to insurance companies, we want well treated and satisfied patient. That is why all treatment is paid directly by patient.  Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

Selection from pricelist of dental clinic 3DK

Procedure Price (CZK)
Consultation 900,-
Entrance examination ( usually with two X-ray images ) 1500,-
Composite filling (white) from 1300,- to 3700,-
Root canal treatment including definitive root filling 2550,- /1 canal
Tooth extraction simple 1100,-
Tooth extraction surgical 4500,-
Metal-ceramic crown from 6800,- to 8200,-
Ceramic crown from 9800,- to 15000,-
Placement of dental implant DIO 13500,-
Placement of dental implant Straumann 18000,-
Supplementing bone with method GBR 9500,-
Supplementing bone with method sinus lift 7000,-
Dental hygiene from 1200,- to 1700,-

All the prices are approximate. Every patient is informed about cost of treatment , possible modification of price or cost of the whole treatment in individually prepared treatment plan. The plan is made on a basis of initial examination or consultation.

Treatment plan preview: